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Camp GO (GO stands for Get Outdoors) is a free, in-school, student-led discovery fair connecting youth to the outdoors.  Camp GO brings the outdoors indoors through interactive displays and activities utilizing the expertise of community outdoor educational organizations. Camp GO is designed as a half or full day event — or staggered over multiple days — and is fully supervised by teachers or recreation leaders and Camp GO staff and outdoor professionals.  Events can be held indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both.

Camp GO is comprised of seven stations (or “Camps”) which participants cycle through in 20-minute increments.  Student “Trail Guides” and adult advisors are trained prior to the Camp GO event to lead the activities at each “Camp,” and are provided all the tools, gear, and information they’ll need to deliver fun, interactive, educational outdoor lessons.  Camp GO is fully aligned with CDE curriculum standards, can be tied in with Science, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Social Studies units, and can easily fulfill students’ community service project and volunteer requirements.  Camp GO is also an excellent project for PTAs or offered in conjunction with schools’ Field Days, and it can be scheduled any time of the school year, August through May. It is the springboard for the National Get Outdoors Day event here in Colorado at City Park in June.

Coach Stacy & Smokey BearCamp GO founder and Director, Coach Stacy Fowler, M.S., C.P.T., is a passionate educator and fitness activist, wife, and mother whose mission is to promote healthy lifestyles and prevention as a cause.  A Personal Trainer, Coach Stacy owns her own fitness studio, Coach Stacy’s Healthy U, where she trains clients and writes wellness articles for the company’s blog (  Stacy’s motto – “When you’re moving, you’re improving,” rings loud and clear throughout the site which features fitness tips and advice, cutting edge fitness and wellness information, healthy recipes, book, website and product reviews, and health and fitness resources.  Follow it daily for a healthier you.

Coach Stacy also teaches fitness classes for baby boomers through community and hospital venues, hosts fitness and health segments on both television and radio, and emcees a wide variety of community and school events geared toward fitness and wellness.

A huge proponent of giving back to one’s community Coach Stacy does so as the Vice-President of The National Association for Health and Fitness, Colorado State Coordinator of the President’s Challenge and Get Outdoors Colorado Board (the springboard for National Get Outdoors Day).  She has served under four Governors as the President of the Colorado Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness as well as the Governor’s Office representative on the Colorado Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance board.  Coach Stacy is the founder and Executive Director of We Play It Forward a non-profit organization whose mission is to create opportunities for participation in fitness and athletics through monetary and equipment donations. Through We Play It Forward Coach Stacy created Camp GO whose mission is to empower student leaders teamed up with outdoor professionals to connect Colorado’s youth and families to the outdoors by motivating them to play, learn and explore through a variety of outdoor activities. Camp GO opens the door to physical activity and adventures in our local outdoor spaces and fosters awareness of environmental respect and stewardship.Coach Stacy leading assembly

Stacy has a Bachelor of Science Degree and teaching credentials from Texas State University, a Master of Science degree in Sports Science from the United States Sports Academy, and Personal Training Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  She has also been trained by Dale Carnegie’s High Impact Presentations.  Stacy’s expertise has been featured in Shape Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Prevention Magazine, Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post, and Los Angeles Times.  Stacy was also one of the first national spokespersons for PropelÔ Fitness Water.  She has received numerous honors and awards, including “Trainer of the Year” at Sports Club L.A., “Gold Star Award” with the National Association of Health and Fitness, the CAHPERD “Business/Service Industry award,” and the U.S. Forest Service Regional Forester’s “Partner of the Year” award.

Coach Stacy Fowler, M.S., C.P.T.

President, Coach Stacy’s Healthy U

Founder of Camp GO, Fitness Scouts and We Play It Forward



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