4 comments on “Ask Coach Stacy: Exercise Hoops — How to Find Them, How to Make Them

    • Great point, Jacqui – sometimes I spin mine so fast it melts! I leave the hoop making to Jacqui and Phil who are much more qualified than me. In health, Coach Stacy

  1. I bought one today, not sure if it is the right one for me, so am not trying it out yet…3 lb. 37 ” padded with slight curves in it. I am 5’4″, about 115. What do you think, is the weight and size okay for me? It cost me over $40. without a DVD.

    • Nancy the fun begins when you take it for a spin. Not sure about the weight. I think the ones Phil made me are lighter. Read the “How to Make a Hula Hoop” info – it has the pipe and measurements. Phil just made me a new one that is one inch and 200 psi tubing. It is now my favorite – it’s heavier and burns more calories. But you are already in swimsuit shape! Let me know how the hooping goes. In health Coach Stacy

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