4 comments on “Best Bets – Eating Out

    • Choose:
      Roasted Turkey Breast Dinner (595 calories, 29 g fat)
      Chicken Fried Steak – 8 oz (1,730 calories, 124 g fat)

      Bon Appetit!

      P.S. Mom will probably make you order the Grilled Salmon with Rice (382 calories, 26.64 g fat)

  1. But, Coach Stacy: I work out regularly, about 12% body fat. Do 10K’s about every two months, and workout at least 4-5 times per week. When I eat home which is 95% of the time, I eat a well balance low calorie, low fat meals.

    Then I go to a nice restaurant with you and you suggest I eat the way you want me to eat. I cave and become depressed because I didn’t adhere to my choices. I’m a flaming co-dependent and you have enabled me to submit one more time. Now I’m depressed and my binge patterns are gaining traction. Thanks . . .

    • Richard

      Just retuned from a trip to Texas and trust me I enjoyed every minuet of bar b que I ate. It is true weeks before in my pregame preparation I was in training to burn calories so as to lose a few in the anticipation I would gain a few. My Texas family loves to love you with southern comfort food. Try saying no to my Mom that you are eating light. That is like a stab to their heart. Did I mention the pecan pies and German chocolate cake! Today my new program begins I have to go back to Texas soon and I am off to hit the gym! Life is about balance and moderation and I believe in celebrating life’s moments as well as staying fit and healthy 80% of the time.
      In health,
      Coach Stacy

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