6 comments on “…..and I Approve this Message

  1. Thanks Coach. I am teaching a dance workshop on this Sat about identifying how the burdens of stress in our life can affect us and others and how we can find ways to let them go. I am going to use a couple quotes from you my friend. This is just perfect timing. Blessings and see ya next week.
    elf out

  2. Thanks, Coachie! This was a very timely email — we’re all so very worn down by the past 6 months of constant political campaigning & ads. -Shelley

  3. Good stuff Coach. I am teaching a dance workshop this week on releasing these burdens of stress and renewing our comittment to each other and the earth. Might use a few of your choice words if ya don’t mind. This just fits right in. Blessings on your week.
    elf out

  4. Another stress buster, which I waited to learn until I was in my 60s, is to turn your issues, worries, problems over to God, ask for his help and, most importantly, for his will to be done. Then, really let go of the bad stuff, give it to God, don’t take it back and relax.

    This, I think, is one of the most difficult lessons to learn in life, but probably the most important.


  5. Hi…It dawned on me today that I have a credit with you so I guess I will be coming to Golden one of these days. As the weather may be changing should I come to your gym or will you be in the park as the weather permits? Hope all is well. I miss working out with you and the class. Take care


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