3 comments on “Ask Coach Stacy: Gluten-Free for Weight Loss? Think Again!

  1. Thank you Coach and Debby for telling folks the truth. I have been gluten free for almost 20 years and the only reason I lost weight is becaue I didn’t eat all the goodies with gluten in them. I also take extra supplements like calcium and fiber as well as zinc. Unfortunately people want to lose weight but never understand or think about the consequences. So good to have someone telling the truth. This is what I tell folks all the time.

  2. Coach and Debby – This was great! I think a lot of folks have no idea what gluten is or what it does. I only knew part of this… now I am really brilliant! (well… at least a little smarter…) Every time I want to lode a little… I watch what I eat and go for a bike ride, do Tai Chi, or dance around the house. Thanks for the reminder… gotta go for a bike ride down to the State Capitol and deliver some “Thank you’s.”

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