3 comments on “Where’s Sugar?

    • Hi Toni – great question! The process of making juice concentrates involves evaporating most of the water out of the juice, but leaving the nutrients, minerals, fiber, and flavor intact. The water is then added back in making it juice again. The reason for this procedure? It’s easier to store and has a much longer shelf life. And to answer your question, juice concentrate itself has no added sugar, but it contains the sugar that is naturally occurring in the fruit. When it comes to fruit juice concentrate as a sweetener, that’s a whole different story and involves the process of “stripping” vitamins, nutrients, and assorted other good stuff out of the concentrate and adding sugar. Thanks for chiming in, Toni!

  1. Great information. I always think I don’t consume a lot of sugar but…. will begin checking labels for it just in case. Thank you for this.

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