5 comments on “Pass the Health: Confessions of a Girl Scout Cookie Wimp

    • Yep, mine too — and Jr. Mints at the movie theater. What is it about chocolate and mint together?? BTW, love your site! I, too, have little patience for the Cardio Creepers. I also hate it when they follow you from machine to machine and try to rush you…..

      Back off, Bub!

  1. Wow, who knew these had soooo many calories & types of sugar. Thank you for pulling all this info together. Guess I’ll have to stick with the Thin Mints and ration them out. At least they freeze well so it helps in the rationing! Of course, I will increase the reps in class too.

    • Maybe you should avoid telling Coach about the cookies — she’ll surely make you drop and give her 10 right where you’re standing….

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