2 comments on “Coach’s Daily Dose: Girl Power!

  1. Well, coach, I tried to run track and I was fast (for a little elf girl) but I had an encounter with a low hurdle, which was almost up to my eyeballs (did I mention the word low?). I ended up twisting my left knee which still today gives me a wee problem. Please remember I went to high school in the 60’s and so girl’s sports were not promoted really. And that probably is what led to the injury because nobody thought to teach us how to do things. We just weren’t taken seriously. Today is so much better for our young ladies in terms of training and attempts to prevent injuries or prompt treatment and rehab when injuries occur. I did however find my niche in the world of pom-pom (dance team) and cheerleading from 7th grade until I graduated high school. Pretty athletic stuff that. Who knew where it would lead me? Beginning of elf magic. – elf laura

    • Laura, thanks for sharing what it was like back in the ’60s when girls’ sports opportunities were so limited — and in many schools and communities, nonexistent. Glad you found your niche in poms and dancing because that, my friend, is exercise, even though many don’t recognize it as such. Your dancing talents shone brightly as you entertained the crowds as Santa’s Head Elf this past Christmas! -Coach Stacy

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