4 comments on “Coach Stacy’s Daily Dose: Stretching for Health

  1. Ladies, thank you for this good advice. I’m hoping to get back to my original height (6′ 5″ – or thereabout)


  2. Coach, Just a comment on girls in sports. I have a friend, Nigel, and his daughter won a full ride scholarship to CU by playing soccer. Needless to say Nigel is from Manchester, England where soccer is king. His love of the sport inspired his daughter and the rest is history. She’s majoring in Education, with a emphasis to sports. Nigel could have easily paid for the tuition, books, etc. but his daughter wanted to start her adult life making it on her own and the sport of soccer made her dream a reality. She’s in her senior year and Nigel is planning a trip to England for her graduation.

    • Phil — that’s what I’m talking about! Sports is more than just exercise — it’s about leadership, commitment, discipline, and teamwork. Kudos to Nigel and his daughter for enjoying the great life lessons provided by sport! – Coach Stacy

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