2 comments on “Pass the Health: What’s Cookin’? Hopefully Not You!

  1. old country remedy to lessen sunburn pain and damage, ’cause it helps take out the heat: a cool to cold shower with a vinegar rinse. take a very large plastic cup and fill 1/2 to 3/4 full of vinegar. any kind will do. step into cool/cold water and fill cup full with water, then pour half of mix over burn, rinse, refill remaining vinegar mix with more water, pour over burn, repeat this a few times until cup has no vinegar smell left, which indicates it is just water. my family has used this for generations, especially the redheads in the family. i taught it to my best friend, nearly 40 years ago, ’cause she was a redhead living in Hawaii and was tired of burning and peeling. she still didn’t tan, but she at least didn’t blister and peel.

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