16 comments on “Letting Go

  1. Loved it! Richard Keelor p.s. A tip, doesn’t get any easier when their granddaughters. We have six.

  2. Your best post yet and exactly what I need to hear right now. Thank you for your words of wisdom and for sharing your journey with us! Presley has blossomed into an extraordinary young woman!! You and Joe should be very proud!

    • Suzy
      Joe and I know what you and Tim are going through as you embark on your college journey with Caroline. I am glad that my journey can better prepared you for the return trip home. It will be hard and sad at first but then you smile that the little one is flying safely on her own – which is the whole point of parenthood. Keep us posted on how the adventure is going.
      In health
      Coach Stacy

  3. Coach Stacy,
    Thank you for this special post. I now have the honor and privilege of watching Presley grow into the beautiful young woman she is destined to be. Thank you for trusting me with this role by sending her to Texas State University. She is a well trained Strutter and respected by her peers (a product of wonderful parents).

    • Susan
      One of the most comforting things to Joe and I is knowing that Presley is in your trusted hands. Your leadership and guidance to the girls on your Strutter team is one of the most valuable assets of a college education at Texas State. Presley will be better prepared to meet life’s challenges as a Texas State Strutter under your loving hands. Go Bobcats!
      In health
      Coach Stacy

  4. Stacy,

    I was really moved by your sentiments. I have been an “empty nester” for a few years but it is all good. Even though my sons are grown I will be sharing your ” list” with them. In fact, I will be taking
    your words of wisdom in your list to heart. It sounds like you are amazing parents and have raised an awesome and talented daughter.

  5. Great post Coach! I remember experiencing some of those same thoughts and feelings when each my my daughters left for college. They are now grown, successful women and mothers of my four grandchildren. It really just seems to get better every year. Being a proud parent is cause for celebration… So glad you reminded everyone. Happy Birthday to Presley!

    • Sharon
      When you have children you know the day will come when they fly out of the nest. I know my parents felt the same way as you. No one can really prepare you for the day, you just have to experience it and know that the next chapter is just as fun. Thanks for sharing on and reminding us it just gets better. Your words are very insightful.
      In health
      Coach Stacy

  6. A beautiful sentiment. Yes, it’s always difficult for me when this time of year rolls around, but I can’t contain the excitement I feel for them as well! I am very proud of my daughters, and
    the women they have become!
    Thanks for your insights!

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